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Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
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360 photo booth rental in Dubai

Rent the 360 photo booth in Dubai at 40% discount! Hurry and book now!

360 photo booth rental in Dubai

Take a look at how the 360 photo booth operates and works in the videos below: 

This is how the 360 photo booth looks:


This is the result of the video of the photo booth for graduation parties:

This is the result of the video of the photo booth for concerts:



This is the result of the video of the photo booth for corporate events:

This is the result of the video of the photo booth for weddings:


Party Monster is pleased to yet again be one of the first to introduce the 360 photo booth to the U.A.E. market. 

the 360 photo booth is doing exceptionally well all over the world. The 360 photo booth takes a quick video all around the guests on top of the round platform. 

How the 360 photo booth works!

Step 1.

The guests will climb onto the 360 photo booth platform. It can be 1 to up to max 4 guests at a time. 

Step 2.  

With the click of a button, the photo booth arm with a high definition camera, will revolve around the guests on the platform and take beautiful 360 video and images of the guests. The video will be booth slow motion and normal to fast speed, depending on the clients preference.

This is when the guest can choose to dance, make pose, use props, or do any action that they like. 

 Step 3.

The client can then scan the QR code on the screen to instantly share the video to their social media, or to email, airdrop and/or download it to their phones. 

How does the 360 slow motion photo booth set up look?

 The 360 photo booth by Party Monster has been upgraded to have the color-changing infinity platform. This adds to the beauty of the 360 video booth and life and style to the whole party or event. Below are the photos of the infinity platform mentioned here.

360 slow motion video booth infinity platform360 photo booth rental in Dubai

How much does it cost to rental the 360 photo booth in Dubai? 

3 hours rental  AED 1500

6 hours rental  -   AED 2999

12 hours rentalAED 5999

Any additional hour is charged at AED 399. Additional hours are to be booked in advance, if booked at the event, additional hours are charged at AED 500

What all is included in the rental?

Unlimited video captures 

Unlimited sharing

Props rental

Golden stanchions and red ropes rental 

Photo booth attendant  

Red carpet (AED 150 additional)

How can we share the videos?

 The videos are shared instantly to the customers and can also be shared later to the client in bulk also. 

What are the transportation charges for the 360 photo booth? 

                Emirates                          -   Transport charges       

360 photo booth rental in Dubai       -     AED 150

360 photo booth rental in Sharjah    -     AED 200

360 photo booth rental in Ajman       -     AED 200

360 photo booth rental in U.A.Q.      -     AED 200

360 photo booth rental in Abu Dhabi -    AED 300

360 photo booth rental in Al Ain        -     AED 300 

360 photo booth rental in R.A.K.       -    AED 300

360 photo booth rental in Fujairah    -    AED 300

What are early set up charges for the 360 photo booth?

The team will arrive at the location maximum 1 hour before the event start time for set up. If early set up is required of more than 1 hour before booth start time, then early set up charges apply. Same is applicable for late pick up. 

Set up will take around 30 minutes.  

Is VAT applicable on the above rates?

Yes, VAT is applicable on the final bill at the total price. 

How do I book the 360 photo booth with Party Monster?

 For the 360 photo booth rental in Dubai, simply drop us a WhatsApp message on 052 9070051 and our event specialists will take care of you.

Alternatively, you can also e-mail us on, or call on 052 9070051 from 8am to 10pm everyday. 


Why rent the photo booth from Party Monster?

Party Monster is a leading events company in Dubai. Since 2018, Party Monster has been bringing smiles all over U.A.E. 

We pride ourselves on being your ONE STOP PARTY SHOP. 

Over 1000 unique products on sale 

More than 1000 chairs for rent

More than 30 own bouncy castles

More than 5 million dirhams worth of party rental inventory 

More than 1000 events covered so far

Full in-house team of decorators, entertainers, artists and professionals. 

More than 25 full time team members.



 *last updated 10th April 2022




 GET YOUR 360 experience NOW! For every of your events & social gatherings, enjoy unforgettable memories with your guests.

Avail your own 360 booth rental, showcase your best moves and grooves.


Your 360 degree of awesomeness in our care

Fast and new innovative technologies arise everyday & today we bring to you the latest, 360 Booth rental for all your events and gatherings.

Just like our photobooth, except in this case you get a 360 view of you and your guests having the time of your lives and partying away your worries.

With our 360 booth rental you'll be moving, dancing & grooving while your video is being taken from a 360 degree view. It will capture you and friends along with all the fun you bring with you, your surroundings will be captured into your video, so it's perfect for your events especially when you want to show off your wonderfully done decorations and your great lighting.

It’s a perfect addition to your school events, corporate events, weddings, birthday parties or other private parties to spice things up.

Set your events apart from the rest with our 360 booth rental.




With our 360 booth rental we ensure that our customers need not worry as we have staff to handle all set up, operation & cleaning up process of your booth rental.

Videos of you and your guest can be shared instantly to you right after your session with the 360 booth via email or text.












You get to take your perfectly shot 360 video with added filters, animations, effects and any customs as per your request.


How the 360 slow motion video booth works


 Our staff on duty will explain to your guests how the booth works and their expectations after the shot.

 Number 2Prepare your props if you wish to use one, stand on the platform, you can stand with up to 4 of your friends.

 Number 3Our staff will start the process and the camera will start rotating around the platform capturing your moves and surroundings. (so give it your best shot).

 Number fourAfter the camera has stopped rotating, a video of about 20 seconds will be produced, the guests can view their end results and share their videos via email instantly.




What is the process

  • Contact us and make your bookings for your 360 booth rental and discuss your requirements.
  • We will arrive hours before your event to set up the booth
  • Our staff on duty will assist you and your guests during the period you will be using our 360 booth rental.
  • Create fun memories with our 360 booth and we will remove the equipment after your event is over.



To book your unforgettable 360 degree of an awesome sensation with our rentals kindly contact our experts on 052 9070051 & for your bookings, payments and delivery process. 

Our contact center is open 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm.

Fastest response (WhatsApp) 052 9070051
Fastest response (Phone call) 052 9070051
Slower response (Email)



  1. What is a 360 photo booth?

A 360 photo booth is actually a videobooth that captures 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, while a video camera revolves 360 degrees around the platform to capture a video.

 1. Can I rent your photobooth if my event is outside?

Yes our 360 booth rental can be set up outside, we just need access to a power outlet and protection from certain weather conditions such as rain.


2. How much space is required for the installation of the 360 booth?

A 10’x10’ is generally ideal, however we can make adjustments to accommodate your event.

 3. What are the requirements for the installation of the 360 booth rental?

For installation we will need a power outlet for the booth only, as we do not want to overpower the plug by sharing with other equipment. We need wifi connection for instant sharing of the videos. If you cannot provide a wifi connection inform us at least 24 hours before your event so we can provide our wifi connection for additional charges.

 4. Does the 360 booth rental include props? If not, can I bring my own props?

Props rental is also included, and you are free to bring your own props as well.

 5. How long does it take to set up?

Setting up generally takes about 30 minutes.

 6. Will I receive my 360 videos instantly?

Yes, the 360 videos will be sent to the user right after the completion of the video via email/direct download or can be uploaded directly via social media.

 7. Will I receive all of the videos captured during the event?

Yes, you will receive a folder of all the captured videos via email after a few business days, you can download and share with your guests.