Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
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Balloon Delivery in UAE |

We provide delivery across the UAE. We deliver to hospitals, homes, offices, metro stations, you name it. As we deliver inflated or uniflated as per your choice, we need special handling and therefore the following charges apply. 

Please watsapp/call 052 9070051 for scheduling delivery time and date. 

Standard Delivery - above 300 dhs  (within 24 hours)

FREE (Dubai & Sharjah only)

Midnight Delivery - Delivery just before midnight

50 dhs (Dubai & Sharjah only)

Standard Delivery - below 100 dhs (within 24 hours) 

 50 dhs (Dubai Only)

Standard Delivery - Above 100 dhs, below 300 dhs  (within 24 hours)
 25 dhs (Dubai Only)
Urgent Delivery - minimum 40 mins maximum 3 hours - Minimum order amount of 150 dhs

 35 dhs (Dubai only)

For Sharjah Standard Delivery (within 24 hours)

50 dhs 

All other Emirates (2-3 days) 100 dhs



1. How long does a latex balloon last? 

Latex balloons last for max 8 to 12 hours. You can increase its float time to upto 24 hours by opting for hi-float liquid injected into the balloons. That will cost you just 1dhs per balloon. 

2. How long does a foil balloon last?

Foil balloons tend to last much longer. The average float time is 24 hours to upto 3 days and varies from balloon to balloon. 

3. How long before can I place my order? 

You can place your order within 2 hours and upto 3 months before your delivery date and time and we will try our best to be ON time as always. 

4. This amazing service! Can you deliver at the exact time we ask for?

We try our best, and are almost always successful on delivering at the exact requested time. But sometimes due to reasons out of our control we can be a bit late but we always strive to deliver within 1 hour of the scheduled time. 

5. Do you customize balloons, like put my message on them? 

Yes we do customize balloons with stickers or printing (depending on quantity). So do let us know for all your customization ideas and requirements. 

6. Can you write a message and hang it with the balloons? 

Yes, please let us know the message you want us to write and hang on to the balloon. It looks beautiful and personalized!

7. How come you sell at such discounted rates? 

Two reasons. First that we keep our costs low by maintaining an online store only. Second, we are wholesalers and manufacturers of most party supplies and thus can pass on huge discounts to our customers!