Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
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Latex Balloons Delivered in Dubai

Best and Cheapest Latex Balloons in Dubai, helium filled or uninflated, all colors. 12 inches and 36 inches sizes!

We have latex balloons in different sizes. 

What are the different sizes of latex balloons available? 

Latex balloons are available in 12 inches, and 36 inches in size. 12 inches latex balloons can be filled with air or helium. if filled with helium, the latex balloons can last upto 12 hours, but if added with a chemical called hi-float, they last for up to 24 hours. Party Monster only delivers balloons filled with hi-float for longer float time, at no additional charges.

What is latex balloons?

Latex balloons are made of liquid rubber that comes from sap of the rubber trees, which grow mainly in Malaysia. These latex balloons are then added with pigments to colour them with a variety of different coloured latex balloons. 

What is the quality of Party Monster latex balloons? 

Party Monster only sources latex balloons from high quality manufacturers around the world who possess  EU or equivalent certifications. 

With over 30 balloon colors, with different finishes such as matt, metallic and pastel, which is also known as macaroon, you are sure to find the right balloon color for your party!