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4 Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Years Old

4 Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Years Old

 Your child’s tenth birthday will probably the last chance to celebrate their almost-over childhood. The first birthday of a child is exciting for parents, but the double-figure age puts an end to the single figure celebrations, and your child is no longer your little baby. So, 10th birthday is the perfect time to give your child the best birthday party of their childhood.

While from finding the best party supplies in Dubai to decorating your house in the best way, there is a lot on your shoulder that you need to make sure goes smooth and perfect. Here are 4 simple and easy birthday party ideas for your 10-year-old.


There are a huge number of decoration ideas for children. But when it comes to surprising your child the first thing in the morning, this one might be the best. Place a lot of helium balloons in your kid’s room for them to see the first thing in the morning. You can also use normal balloons to cover the entire floor of their room. Hang the happy birthday sign in the doorway for the first thing for your child to see after getting out of the room.

If you are too busy to plan the birthday, you can simply order balloon delivery. Dubai party supplies providers can help you in this regards.

Backyard Camping

Install tents in your backyard, invite your child’s friends and create a fresh and smoky BBQ scene and tell scary stories by the campfire. To add more fun, bring flashlight, pillows, and sleeping bags, and play scary music as background noise, make sure it is suitable for 10-year-olds. You can also make ghosts out of balloons. In that case, you can find the perfect size balloons with balloon delivery, Dubai parties mostly use, and if you want to DIY with balloons, Dubai party supplies providers can suggest you a lot of amazing balloon decor options as well.

Slumber Party

While slumber party is more of girls event, boys can go with the back yard idea. Invite children from neighborhood and family and set up a slumber party theme where all little girls will stay up late, tell stories, brush hair, paint nails, share toys, tell jokes, and enjoy midnight treats and snacks. Make sure you also partake in the tea party session to help them feel comfortable and also as a way to ensure everyone stays safe.

Water Park

You can create a water park at your home using inflatable pools, water guns, pool floats, and slides. The best time to enjoy the water part party at your home is the day time. So get your pool outfits ready to enjoy with the kids.

Whichever idea you choose, don’t forget that you are the elder one there and also responsible to take care of everyone, but you also need to enjoy this time with your child. Get the best party supplies and balloon delivery in Dubai and make it the best birthday of your little one.

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