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Where to buy sparkling candles in Dubai?

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Sparkling candles for sale in Dubai

Where to buy Sparkling Candles in Dubai?

Have you had this question before? Then it means you haven’t heard of Party Monster. Party Monster is your one stop online party shop, which carries more than 1000 party products ranging from balloons, cutlery, candles, decorations and loads of party supplies. As your one stop party shop, Party Monster also provides party decorations, party organization, party rentals, and loads of entertainment options. So look no further and buy sparkling candles from now!

Now back to Sparkling candles. Are you looking to add to the glitz and glamour of your amazing party! Do you want to have your own little fireworks show! Then sparkling candles are your go to item! So shop now for sparkling candles in Dubai only on



What are the options available in sparkling candles?

Party Monster has two varieties of the sparkling candles for sale. Both packs have colourful sparkling candles, with 6 candles per pack. They last for 30 seconds or longer. The two options for sparkling candles are:

10cm sparkling candles pack of 6 for just AED 30

20cm sparkling candles pack of 6 for just AED 40

Note: 20cm sparkling candles last longer than the 10cm sparkling candles, and if you are going to ignite and hold in your hand, then 20cm is more advisable option.

 sparkling candles on a wedding cake in Dubai

What is sparkling candles and how do they work?

Sparkling candles are known by many names such as Ice Fountains, Candle Fireworks, Sparklers, etc.

There are two ends to the sparkling candle. One will have the sharp plastic peg to hold on the cake, and the other end, which will be the top end, is coloured white. Once placed on top of a candle, or held in hand (for the long 20cm candles), then you ignite them with a lighter and enjoy the show! These candles last up to 30 seconds each. The more candles you ignite, the more beautiful it looks.


So when and where do I use them?

Sparkling candles are perfect for every occasion. You can hold the sparkling candles in your hand and wave together, or put it on top of cakes and alcohol bottles. The more you put, the prettier it looks.

Sparkling candles for wedding cakes

Sparkling candles for birthday cakes

Handheld sparkling candles

Sparkling candles for parties

 sparkling candles at a party in a night club



Why should I buy from Party Monster? 

Party Monster promises you the best and lowest prices guaranteed, while supplying high quality party products. Also Party Monster prides on on-time deliveries and superior customer service, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Don’t trust me, try for yourself. Buy your party supplies and balloons from Party Monster now. We deliver all over U.A.E.

sparkling candles for sale online in Dubai

Are sparkling candles dangerous?

Playing with fire is always dangerous. Keep it away from all kids and be careful when igniting them. Igniting them is just like any other candle where you practise the necessary precautions. These are odourless and smokeless candles so using them both indoors or outdoors won’t be an issue.

Sounds fantastic, maybe I should buy for my guests celebrating their special occasions in my restaurant?

That is an amazing idea! This item is perfect for night clubs, bars, lounges, fine dining restaurants and bakeries to sell with their cakes. Night clubs and bars usually put them on champagne bottles. Email us at or call us at 052-9070051 to know our special wholesale rates for sparkling candles in Dubai.

 sparkling candle on a champagne bottle

How do I put the sparkling candles on top of a champagne bottle?

You can buy these candle holders or you can just tie them with a rubber band very easily.

sparkling candles for sale online in Dubai


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