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Same day delivery and urgent delivery options available
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FAQs (photo booth)

Here we answer all your photo booth related queries related to how photo booth works, booking process, terms and conditions, etc. 

 Q. Why do people love photo booths?

Photo booths bring out the kids in everyone. Making funny poses, with the help of props, and clicking memorable photos which are printed within seconds and also shared via email; who wouldn't love such a wonderful addition to your party? 

Photo booths give instant print outs of 4 x 6 inches which the clients can take home as a memorabilia. 

Q. Who is photo booth for?

Photo booth are for corporate events, graduation ceremonies, weddings, private parties, yacht parties, you name it. As long as you want the party to be fun filled and exciting, photo booth has a place for itself!

Q. What makes Party Monster photo booths so special?

Two reasons. First, we at Party Monster believe in quality at an affordable rate to our fellow party goers. After all, Partying is our Business.

Secondly, we have two different designs of very high quality photo booths. One being the magic mirror booth, and the other being our standard photo booth. 

Q. What is required to make a booking?

For booking, we require 50% deposit, refundable upto 4 days before event date. Date change is possible subject to availability. Booking is possible via online bank transfers or by visiting our office in Al-Qouz. 

You can choose from our free photo booth backdrops, or choose to order a customized backdrop. 

Photo booth props are already included, and you can also let us know if you would like to order some more customized props specially made for your event. 

Q. What happens after I book?

After your booking confirmation, our graphic designer will contact you to discuss the design of the template.  

Q. What time do you come for set-up?

Normally we reach the venue an hour before start time. Set-up takes around half an hour. If you require us to set-up much earlier, then early set-up charges apply. Same goes with late pack-up charges. 

Q. Are there any early set up charges or late pack up fees?

Yes, if you would like us to set up more than 90 minutes before party start time, then early set up charges will apply. 

Pack up takes place as soon as photo booth booking time finishes, and late pack up fees apply if you would like us to delay pack up by more than 30 minutes.

Q. Will there be an attendant on duty to help our guests?

As photo booth is still new to the Middle East, there will be an attendant to assist the clients, keep the props arranged, and be present in case of any technical emergencies. 
Our booth managers are highly trained to greet all your guests with a broad smile and amazing service. 

Q. What size are your photo print outs? 

The photo print outs will be of size 4 x 6 inches.

Q. How long does printing take?

Each photo takes around 10 seconds to print after capture. 

Q. What are the space, venue, and power requirements for the photo booth set-up? Can it be set up outdoors?

Photo booth requires a minimum booth space of  10 feet by 10 feet. Height requirement will be a minimum 7 feet.

A power outlet should be within 20 metres of the photo booth. 

Ground must be level.

We will also need a venue provided table for props. 

If you have an outdoor venue, a suitable shelter from rain or wind may be required. 

Q. When will I receive all photos by email?

You will be sent a download link for all photos within 72 working hours after the event. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at or for urgent inquiries at 052 9070051(whatsapp/call).