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Bounce Castle Safety Measures

Bouncy castles are a piece of attraction and fun in kids parties, but at the same time, it can be hazardous for them. Before getting started, make sure you have about a high-quality inflatable bouncy castle in Dubai for parties. Prior to anything else, it is crucial to have some safety measures on hand to avoid potential injuries that your child may get.

  1. Maintain Keen Supervision

Inflatable bouncy castles in Dubai are generally supervised by trained staff. But the operator is a human and may not be at the position all the time. In this case, speak with the operator to inform before leaving the position you or another adult can take charge while he or she is out.

  1. Allow Kids of Similar Age and Size

It is essential not to let big kids bounce with small kids and toddlers. Letting all of them in will lead to trampling, collisions, and even fractures.

  1. Limit Occupancy

Bouncy castles come with limited occupancy. Follow this rule and don’t let all the kids in at once to keep them safe.

  1. Remove Accessories Before Entering

Kids love their extra accessories, but make sure they remove it before going in a bouncy castle as any item may hurt others or get caught in the bounce house.

With all the rules and safety measures, don’t forget to let the fun flow to give your kid one of the funniest experience of childhood. If you are through a party, pick your party supplies in Dubai from the Party Monsters.

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